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What is yarn density?
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What is yarn density? Generally not familiar with the textile industry friends are not very clear.

Line density refers to the fiber, single yarn, cable, rope and other units of the length of the quality of the description of the degree of yarn thickness of the indicators, the representation of the form of long and fixed system of two categories.

Line density - length mass (g / km). The line density can be obtained by dividing the length of the fiber or yarn by its length.

What is yarn density?

The line density of the fiber refers to the degree of fiber thickness. Line density is one of the important physical and geometrical features of fiber, which not only affects textile processing and product quality, but also closely related to the performance of the fabric.

Similarly, the linear density is the most important indicator of yarn. The legal units are tex, tex, one tenth and one thousand times, respectively, called mtex, dtex, and ktex, The larger the linear density, the thicker the fiber or yarn. The linear density of the yarn affects the physical and mechanical properties of the textile, feel, style, etc., it is also an important basis for fabric design.

Cotton fiber and synthetic fiber to determine the linear density of the general use of the middle weighing method, the yarn test line density is generally used oven drying method.
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