Leader's speech

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My dream is to provide all the staff a harmonious, safe, and progressive Jinpeng platform. We give opportunity to person who wants to think officer, and gives the person of the mayer to the stage, and returns to person who does it, and gives trouble to person who does not do business. Let us gather the power of the whole plant, to promote Jinpeng take off, so that each employee in this platform to enjoy their own wisdom and passion, no matter who left the platform, must be higher than the status quo, to have a big development, which is I am willing to pay for everyone.

My dream is to achieve the dream of all staff, let us follow the Jin Peng people's declaration, really "three old, four strict, five like", Jin Peng dream dedicated to their own a sincere. Dream of the journey has left the origin, the dream of flowers still began to bloom, bold dreams, happy dream, the dream is the future can have the reality, Jinpeng dream bloom, personal dream flowers, let us dream together, take off together. .. Jin Peng future is not a dream!