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21 cotton yarn for combing the role of combing
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There are many types of cotton yarns, such as 10, 12, 16, 21, 24, 25 and other different types.

In the processing of 21 cotton yarn, the cotton fiber will contain more short fibers and neps impurities, so that the fiber straightening balance and separation of less than the standard, difficult to meet the high-grade textile textile yarn Requirements, therefore, the higher quality requirements of the textile yarn need to use combing spinning system for processing production, in addition, some for the special purpose of cotton yarn generally have to use combed yarn processing. The main role of the combing of 21 cotton yarns is:

1. the exclusion of cotton fiber in the short fiber, cotton fiber to provide the length and uniformity, to improve the strength of cotton yarn to ensure uniformity of cotton yarn rods;
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2. the use of combing process can effectively clear the cotton yarn fiber mixed between the neps, impurities, etc., to improve the quality of 21 cotton yarn and the appearance of beauty;

3. so that the cotton yarn to be further balanced, straight and separation, to improve the uniformity of cotton yarn, improve yarn strength and luster;

4. the use of combing process out of the cotton yarn woven fabric fabric bright color, feel smooth, comfortable, and has a silk general luster.

After the combing of the 21 cotton yarn, can effectively rule more than 60% of the cotton yarn short fiber, impurities, neps, fiber elongation and strength can be increased by more than 95%, after processing cotton yarn has a soft touch , Bright color, high strength, less impurities, etc., using this process to create a combed 21 cotton yarn produced by the clothing glossy good, wearing soft, comfortable, casual, can better show the wearer's temperament And taste, by many consumers love.
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