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The difference between knitted cotton and cotton
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When we buy T-shirts, we often see fabric tips for knitted cotton or cotton. For friends who do not know the characteristics of the fabric, it is easy to confuse the two are with "cotton" fabric.

Here, say the difference between knitted cotton and cotton. The appearance of knitted cotton is like cotton. Cotton fiber has a good hygroscopicity, in general, cotton fiber can absorb moisture in the air, which is why knitted cotton and cotton can make people feel comfortable when wearing. But the cotton fabric heat resistance better. Knitted cotton because of the use of textile technology, smooth surface, compared with cotton, not easy to play the ball.

From the characteristics of the two fabrics, knitted cotton is characterized by good dyeability, color and fastness and fastness should be high, wearing comfort and hygroscopicity are very close to cotton, but not acid, elastic difference. Cotton is characterized by a very good hygroscopicity, wearing a high degree of comfort.
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