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Jet spinning yarn process
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Jet yarn is a special color yarn, mainly used for decoration and fashion applications. It is in the drafting process, in the drafting device before any of the draft area of the dyed yarn, roving sliver or colored filament, by the combination, drawing, twisting and winding made. The feeding part of the sliver passes through the drafting device to form the main body gauze with a certain width, the feeding thread passes through the drawing device and is regularly pulled off, is attached to the gauze, is uniformly in the twister To wrap around the main gauze, the formation of intermittent color effect, thus becoming a unique jet spinning yarn. Its color can be based on the feed raw material thickness and color and the use of the product and the user's requirements for scientific combination.

The process of jet spinning yarn is as follows:

The sliver is drawn from the sliver tube and passes through the guide bar and the guide bar into the drafting device. The thread is drawn from the silk frame and fed by any wire feeder (except the front roller) Drafting device. In the drawing process, the sliver is drawn and elongated to form a certain width of the sliver; color silk is regularly pulled off, evenly attached to the gauze, with the gauze into the twist together twist into The yarn is drawn from the yarn, and the yarn is directly wound into the cheese yarn by the yarn clearer.
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