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China · Jiulong Zhu Peixian Jinpeng Textile Co., Ltd. website opened successfully!
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China · Jiulong Zhu Peixian Jinpeng Textile Co., Ltd. website opened successfully!

Peixian Jinpeng Textile Co., Ltd. is in accordance with the People's Republic of China Company Law, in August 8, 2007 in Peixian Administration for Industry and Commerce registered, its nature is limited. Registered capital of 10 million yuan, the company is independent, independent accounting, self-financing with independent legal personality of the economic entities, mainly engaged in cotton yarn, pure yarn, blended yarn, cotton processing and sales. Peixian Jinpeng Textile Co., Ltd. has a strong development potential and brand advantage, has been "honest, efficient, pragmatic, dedicated" spirit of enterprise, contributing to society, return the public. "Integrity-based, cast brand, quality service, to win the market" for the business philosophy, development and prosperity Peixian economy to make greater contributions.

Chairman Zhang Zhaolin, born in February 1973, 1989-1993 joined the army, in 1994 to return to Huayuan company work, with the times, forge ahead, the chairman resigned in 2000, raising funds and others to co-founder Peixian Jinpeng Textile Co., Ltd., in August 2007 wholly-owned registered Peixian Jinpeng Textile Co., Ltd. The chairman of the board is a businessman who stresses honesty, good management, understands management and is rich in hard work. Peixian Jinpeng Textile Co., Ltd. under his leadership, constantly introduce advanced modern enterprise system, reinforce the foundation of enterprise management, build excellent Corporate culture, adhere to the "high quality, efficient, honest, customer service" business principles and "quality is the gold, the service is the heart" business purposes, unity and hard work, advancing with the times, constantly committed to the new breadth and depth , Built a highly professionalism, efficient and innovative spirit, efficient team spirit of the workforce, to create a good brand, to create a first-class products, the establishment of high quality, high standard of business.

The company's business license is complete, the company's existing ring 60,000, is the textile industry to protect the key enterprises.

Production and operation:
Companies engaged in cotton yarn production, and achieved good operating results. 2015 annual output of up to 10,000 tons.
At present, the production of human cotton 21, 32, 40, 45, 60, 80 knitting yarn, about 800 tons per month, the products are mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, Henan and other regions.
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