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Affect the history of the textile industry [Jenny textile machine]
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As the name implies, the textile machine is the line, linen, silk and other raw materials for processing and weaving into the fabric of the tool. The original loom is shuttle, the 19th century began to study the shuttleless loom technology. Since the 20th century, 70 years, more new shuttleless looms continue to enter the market. Looms greatly enhance the efficiency of the world began to use shuttleless looms, and with the transformation of manufacturing equipment.
From the raw cotton to the cloth is a complex process, the need for a lot of processes to China's traditional cotton textile industry, for example, in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the use of a hand spinning a spinning machine, every 10 hours only spinning four yarn, Weavers can only be made every day about 10 yards of cloth, cloth width is only about 1 foot. At this time, Europe entered the period of industrialization, textile technology, machinery developed rapidly.
In 1733, the British John Kaye invented the shuttle shuttle, weaving machine efficiency has been greatly improved, which is science and technology to promote productivity is another proof. However, compared to the efficient loom, the spinning machine dragged the hind legs, did not get improved spinning machine gradually can not keep up with the speed, cotton yarn in short supply, rising prices, the purchase price also will be higher.
In this big background, Jenny textile machine appeared. Engels had commented on it: the first invention of the situation of British workers to subversive changes, we can see in the history of the industrial revolution, Jenny textile machine has a pivotal position, this is not just a simple textile tools The It came out to the emergence of large-scale weaving plant to provide the possibility of reality.
Does anyone know that the machine that affects the process of world history is kicked out by a man,
This powerful man is called James Hargreaves, he is an ordinary worker. On weekdays, Hargreaves loves thinking, versatile, he will not only do carpentry, but also weaving. His wife is called Jenny, a textile worker.
For the children to live better, Jenny is very hard every day, in addition to busy housework, she had to cut the fabric to make money. But the spinning machine is relatively simple, although from morning to night, Jenny's spinning volume will not let her satisfaction, had to do anxious.
Hargreaves saw his wife worry about this, began to find ways to improve Jenny's textile machine. However, never thought of the right countermeasures until the day of 1764. On this day, Hargreaves did not pay attention to it, was tripped by the textile machine, kicked the hand-spinning machine, the original level of the spinning hammer placed into an upright state, but still did not stop turning.
Seeing this scene, Hargreaves did not go up to righteousness, and fell into thinking: when the spindle erected can still turn, then side by side using a few erected spindle, the efficiency does not double it? You can also spinning a lot of yarn at the same time!
With the idea, Hargreaves immediately moved, tested, improved, and finally in the second year a spinning wheel with a vertical spindle of the new textile machine, work efficiency suddenly increased by 8 times. In order to express my gratitude to his wife, Hargreaves named it "Jenny Textile Machine".
Later, on this basis, people increased the spindle to 18,30, or even 100, the efficiency of a substantial increase.
In 1768, Hargreaves won the Jenny spinning machine invention patent. But Jenny textile machine has its flaws: spinning yarn is relatively small, easy to break. In 1769, the reel spinning machine came out, Richard Ackleite used hydraulic as the driving force, instead of artificial, invented the machine not only saves manpower, spun out the yarn strong and tough, to overcome the Jennifer textile machine defect.
Today, shuttleless loom instead of shuttle loom is a development trend, shuttle loom noise, low speed, production efficiency is not high, and consumption of materials, poor security, these shortcomings let people begin to transfer energy To the development of shuttleless loom.
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