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Linen napkins add luster to the table
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Whether it is with the love of the weekend weekend breakfast, festive dinner, or friends between the fashion party, high-quality linen napkin is an important part of the dining table elegant atmosphere. With the development of the times, the size and design of linen napkins have undergone great changes, and so far, has formed a huge system. Today, the linen fabric dreamer will come to share all aspects of linen napkins for you.

The basic function of linen napkins
The function of the napkin is simple - it is used to wipe away the food and drink residue on the mouth, and to prevent the clothes from getting dirty when eating. Napkins - especially linen napkins, have a strong water absorption, you can quickly absorb the spilled liquid, so you can do coasters or pad to use.

Linen napkin decorative function
Flax napkins in addition to practicality, the decoration is also very good. Their color, pattern and style dazzling, can adapt to different needs. Daily use of linen napkins are mostly ordinary solid colors to meet the practical purpose. However, brightly colored embroidery or lace napkins are also a good choice, they are particularly suitable for festivals or special occasions. Nowadays, at the wedding or some important occasion, a small amount of napkins with the first letter of the name has become a good choice. Linen napkins are usually used with linen tablecloths, so it is obviously more cost-effective to buy packages. The color and pattern of seamless linen tablecloths and napkins can add more festive atmosphere for meal time. If you want to make people more impressive, you can also fold the napkins into a variety of shapes, and even use some napkins ring.

The size of linen napkins
Most of the luncheon napkins are about 15-25 square inches, and some of the sides are slightly longer. But now according to the individual needs of different, almost can buy or order all sizes of napkins.

The history of linen napkins
Here we talk about the history of napkins. Napkins are from the origin of ancient Rome, when the host dinner guests often give them a person a "mappa" - can prevent the seat by food residue dirty, can also be used to wipe a cloth. In the Middle Ages, the banquet was usually prepared for a large piece of cloth for all guests to use. Later, in wealthy families such as aristocrats, servants will provide a small piece of cloth at the party for guests to touch their hands. By the sixteenth century, napkins (usually linen napkins) became indispensable equipment on the table, and cut into different sizes depending on the purpose.
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