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Production of mercerizing cloth to the process
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Production of cotton high-count double-silk glory cloth, because the gauze to go through twice the mercerized, most of the reactive dyes of the color and fastness is difficult to meet the requirements, how to control the good mercerizing cloth in the process of the process conditions What?

      Singeing to strictly control the speed, temperature, yarn hairiness to be basically removed, and can not sing wool over. Yarn pretreatment can be used to cook, drift a bath method to ensure that boiled uniform net, consistent brightness. Boil the yarn to be washed with hot water, cold water to keep the yarn neutral pH. When the yarn is mercerized, the concentration of alkali is 21.55% (28 ° Bé ± 0.2 ° Bé), the alkali temperature is below 15 ℃, and the alkali time is reversed. Alkali concentration of 2.5% -3%, the best mercerizing effect. Yarn mercerizing, but also to prevent the production of mercerized flowers uneven dyeing.

      When the dyeing is used to resist twice the mercerization without affecting the fastness and produce the color of the reactive dyes, including permanent light dye Evercion H-E / H type dye, domestic active blue H-EGN, turquoise blue H-A and so on. These dyes are monochlorotriazine vinyl sulfone mixed reactive dyes, and in line with international environmental requirements. Dyeing strict control of heating rate and alkali, salt and the amount of speed, fight color should pay attention to compatibility. Domestic H-type reactive dyes alkali resistance are different, need to do before the sample test. Dark varieties after dyeing with fixing agent treatment, can improve the wet treatment fastness, but pay attention to fixing may produce discoloration.
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