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Types of cotton yarn
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The higher the cotton yarn count, the finer the yarn, the thinner the weaving, the more softer the fabric is. But the high number of cloth requirements of raw materials (cotton) high quality, but also on the mill and textile weaving plant also requires a relatively high, so the cost of cloth is relatively high. The following is a detailed description of the type of cotton yarn for you.

Cotton yarn type:
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(1) according to the roughness habits: ① coarse yarn: 17 "special" (tex) and the following cotton yarn are coarse yarn. Mainly used for weaving thick or velvet, from the cotton fabric, such as coarse cloth, velvet, sturdy, etc .; ② in the yarn: 18-27 cotton yarn in the yarn, for weaving plain cloth, twill, satin and other general Woven fabric; ③ fine yarn: 28 and above cotton yarn, used for weaving fine cloth poplin, high-grade needle, woven fabric.

(2) according to the cotton grade points: ① carded yarn: the system has not been combed spinning process spinning ring yarn, for the general needle, woven fabric; ② combed yarn: with good quality cotton Fiber as raw materials, spinning than the carding yarn to increase a combing process, spinning yarn quality, for the weaving of high-grade fabrics, such as high-level poplin, fine cloth, etc .; ③ waste spinning: refers to all the spinning process Processing of waste cotton as raw materials spinning yarn, used for weaving low-grade cotton blankets, velvet and foreskin cloth, etc .; ④ new spinning: spinning with a new spinning system yarn.

(3) according to the yarn dyeing and processing points: ① color yarn (also known as the original yarn): to maintain the true color of the fiber, for the weaving of the original color fabric; ② dyeing yarn: the original color yarn after smelling and dyeing made of yarn for yarn (Including mixed yarn): first fiber dyeing, and then spinning from the cotton yarn, can be woven into the appearance of irregular spots and patterns of fabric; ④ bleached yarn: with the original color yarn after refining bleaching Made for the weaving bleached cloth, but also with the dyeing yarn woven into a variety of yarn-dyed products; ⑤ mercerizing yarn: mercerized cotton yarn. There are mercerized bleaching and mercerizing dyeing yarn, for weaving high-grade fabric; ⑥ burning yarn: the singeing machine burned the surface of the yarn hair, made of a smooth surface of the yarn, for weaving high-end products.

(4) according to the yarn equipment: ring spinning, air spinning (OE), 赛 spinning, compact spinning, rotor spinning, vortex spinning, electrostatic spinning and so on.
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