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The development of green fabric in textile industry to strengthen sustainable development
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"Eighteenth Plenary Session of the Fifth Plenary Session of the ecological civilization construction clearly included in the 'thirteen five' plan for the textile industry, adhere to green development, accelerate the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly industries, promote ecological civilization construction is sustainable Development of the only way. "Recently, by the China Textile Industry Federation, China Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association hosted the" China's textile ecological civilization Miles into the everything "event, the China Textile Industry Federation, vice president of high Yong said.

Under the new situation, the textile industry is in the structural adjustment, industrial upgrading and innovation driven to find new opportunities and ways out, and ecological civilization construction for the textile industry restructuring and transformation and upgrading into a new driving force for development. Textile industry, "thirteen five" plan also made it clear that from the strengthening of energy-saving emission reduction management system, improve the waste textile recycling system, improve the level of social responsibility of the textile industry in three areas to improve the level of ecological civilization in the textile industry.

"The main body of the construction of ecological civilization is the enterprise, cultivate and establish a model of ecological civilization construction enterprises, with the example of the power to drive the whole industry to speed up the construction of ecological civilization, in line with China's textile industry a large number of industry characteristics." Director Sun Huai-bin said that the textile industry is to further improve the ecological civilization construction evaluation index system, the enterprises in the ecological economy, ecological environment, ecological Habitat, ecological culture, ecological system embodies the ecological civilization construction indicators into the enterprise economic development comprehensive evaluation system, And gradually form the textile industry in line with the construction of ecological civilization and sustainable development of the evaluation criteria and mechanisms.

"Attention to the ecological construction of enterprises, is a win-win move." Wan Lee Lee, chairman of the Board of Directors, said Hong Kong, everything always adhere to the source from design to production to the green industry chain, to build a silk fabric throughout the life cycle " Requirements - green ecological printing and dyeing - product recycling "three stages of the ecological system, developed the industrialization of silk recycling technology, to achieve the recycling of silk waste, zero waste emissions, turning waste into treasure. The event, Wan Lee Lee Group was awarded the "national ecological civilization demonstration enterprises" title.

Gao Yong said that the construction of ecological civilization is a long-term strategic task, the Chinese textile industry ecological civilization Miles activities is the industry to carry out the construction of ecological civilization, an important starting point and carrier. "Thirteen five" period, will also choose a number of key enterprises to carry out training, pilot and create work to lead to lead more textile enterprises to speed up the construction of ecological civilization.
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