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Preventive Measures of Flax Fiber Dust Explosion
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A. Explosion protection measures of dust removal system

Explosion protection of dust removal system is the core part of flax production explosion-proof work. Dust removal system should take the following measures:

(1) the use of small explosion hazard equipment. In the use of dry filter equipment, should be preferred filter, dust performance of the most complete equipment. It is possible to move to the outdoor space as far as possible to the dust collection site which may reach the lower limit of the dust explosion. The condition should be equipped with flame detection, automatic air shutoff and automatic parking device; monitoring, alarm and automatic parking device with filter resistance To prevent the accumulation of static facilities.

(2) Dust cover, bucket and pipe design should be strictly in accordance with the technical requirements of the amount of wind and resistance balance calculation;

The construction should ensure that the inner surface is smooth without any small spikes; with the necessary inspection port and performance test points; those who may enter the fan parts should be set up metal capture device; should try to use up and down the vacuum in a system, if Only the dust on the pipeline system, there should be regular removal of dust in the pipe conditions.

The above measures can prevent the local accumulation of dust and fiber in the pipeline system, to prevent metal impact sparks, and other sources of fire into the dust filter equipment.

(3) should be as far as possible in the workshop space or on the ground at the technical compartment at the pipe, in order to ease pressure. In the last resort to take the trench when the tube should be taken to do not pass a small trench, and in the local inspection of the well at the same time with sand filling the trench. If the other conditions are limited, only the use of access trench, it should be in the filter with the dust chamber on the channel, set to prevent the pressure shock wave barrier, to be difficult to clean the site with sand filling method to ensure that no trench Dust area, and to minimize the length of the groove. It is strictly forbidden to set the pipes of different dust removal systems in the same trench.

(4) all the dust pipes should have anti-static grounding measures, and regular.

(5) dust removal system of power equipment and dust removal fan should be set up electrical interlock. When driving should start; parking should be after the fan.

(6) by the dust removal system to deal with the air, back into the air conditioning system, into the workshop, there must be explosion-proof device to prevent dust chamber explosion caused by the production car asked. In the absence of stereotypes before the imitation of civil air defense project suspension type explosion-proof valve composed of explosion-proof wall.

(7) Dust removal system of professional management and operation personnel should be explosion-proof knowledge education, with dust removal equipment, special places should be classified as key management, operation personnel required by special types of management, and the implementation of certificates.

(8) dust removal system operation, to have a regular point of measurement, and the system to collect dust and fiber weighing records. Found that abnormal changes should be promptly to the higher level.

(9) Personnel operating in the dust removal system are prohibited from wearing chemical fiber clothing and shoes with nails, are not allowed to use iron tools to remove dust, the use of metal tools should be placed smoothly to prevent the impact of spark.

(10) the system of dust, the application of sealed containers, and should immediately move out of the dust chamber. Dusty transport should be carried out regularly to prevent excessive accumulation and cause secondary emissions.

B. Plant construction and other explosion prevention measures

(1) Flax production dust chamber location selection and architectural design, should be in accordance with the current "Building Fire Code" in the construction of the relevant requirements. The dust chamber should be located on the side or top of the main building; it is best to build it alone. And strictly abide by the requirements of the layout of the pressure relief area and the layout of the explosion-proof, is strictly prohibited in the basement and semi-basement.

(2) flax production, where the dust and loose fiber production plant should be pressure relief measures. Should not use no window plant.

(3) conditional plant area, should be distributed with dust in the process, designed for each other's unrelated plant.

(4) where the dry work of the production sites, should be set up automatic fire extinguishing system, in the heating of the raw material warehouse should be used wet and dry automatic fire extinguishing device. The supporting point of the main line of the automatic fire extinguishing system should be located in the frame of the structure and so on.
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 (5) dry work between different processes should be in accordance with the provisions of the fire area area with a firewall isolation. There should be enough evacuation in the work area. It is forbidden to design underground sack and underground health room. All dust pipes and equipment should have anti-static grounding design.

(6) dry operation of the plant building geometry should be optimized to minimize the explosion hazard. Where there is fiber dust distributed inside the building, to minimize the dust up the plane, all the surface to be smooth.

(7) Other dangerous parts of the production plant, such as oil depots, oxygen stations, chemical libraries, sodium chlorate deployment stations, etc., with the dust chamber, linen library, etc. should be in line with the provisions of the provisions of the fire spacing.

(8) the production plant dry place for the heating system, should be used in the heat source temperature: hot water does not exceed 130 ℃, steam does not exceed 110 ℃, the workshop heater should not be used with dusty surface.

(9) Where there is a vacuum production system, dust room should be installed alarm or emergency stop dust system fan fire button, once found in the workshop there is fire, should immediately alarm and emergency stop dust. While closing all piping valves connected to the fire source.
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